Photographing Babies is Frustrating and Hilarious

Before we had our daughter, Tony and I vowed to never take a job photographing babies or children because who would want to spend their morning/afternoon with a drooling, crying, time bomb of frustration? Well, when we found out I was pregnant, this attitude quickly changed. When Sophia was born, we had our own baby to experiment on! We dropped all kinds of money on baby props and cute little fabrics for her to lie on. After taking these precious pictures of her, we got a taste of newborn photography- and there was no going back. Sophia Marie-1053 Sophia Marie-1149 Sophia Marie-1186Sophia Marie-1084 Sophia Marie-1069-EditSophia Marie-1125

As Sophia is getting older, we are learning new things about how you have to treat babies during a portrait- anything goes. I mean AN-NAY thing. From making barn yard noises between shutter clicks to bribery with candy, you pretty much do whatever it takes to get a great photo. We've even added dogs.

After getting comfortable with our own daughter, we've opened Mak Rabbitt Photography to all of those drooling, crying, time bombs- I mean, wonderful children.

Here's some amazing bloopers from our photo shoots with our baby and other babies. Enjoy!

Christmas Card_2013-6936-2Sophia 4 Month-20571Month-9683 untitled-4603untitled-4633untitled-4643Khloe-5712

E-mail us today at to schedule your fun baby/family portrait with us! Candy and furry animals for the children and alcohol for the adults is included in service charge.