Fur Babies: The Other Bestie

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of your best [human] friend on your special day. Your best friend(s) job is to take some of the stress away from you- or at least try not to add to the stress. Today I'm going to write about those fuzzy besties of ours. These fur babies can also help melt the stress away while adding some serious comedic value to your photographic memories. If you've read my other posts, you know that Tony and I really didn't want to partake in photographing children (at first). The same goes for photographing fuzzy creatures. They are a pain in the a$$! Don't get me wrong, we are animal lovers and we have adored every single animal we've owned. I mean, at one point in our marriage we had a whole menagerie of creatures. It felt like Noah's Ark on our farm in Rootstown, Ohio. We had five chickens, four cats, three horses, two dogs, one rooster and one aquatic frog.

Okay, so what I'm saying is that photographing animals can be tricky- even trickier than babies. Animals have attitudes and tempers of their own. Anyone who's tried to capture a decent picture of their fur babies with an iPhone knows this. Which brings me to the story of me and my horse. After our wedding and honeymoon, I decided that I wanted to put my wedding dress back on and have Tony take some shots of me on my horse, Nugent (as in Ted Nugent). We both had NO idea how he would react to me trying to mount him in a huge, white, fluffy wedding dress. My horse was known for having a big attitude. We had no idea if he'd freak out and buck me off, but hey, anything for an awesome pic, am I right?

Well, it turns out that Nuge was having a good day and he was completely chill throughout the shoot. We had the luxury of having our horses at our property and could really take our time, which was awesome. Pictures stopped being taken when Nuge started to get all fidgety. He's an animal- it happens (I'm talking about the horse, not Tony). We also got a photo of me and my dog, Roman. He, on the other hand was being his typical self and would NOT look at Tony. Loser. Here are some of those shots:








I loved our wedding photos, but these pictures are priceless. They are my absolute favorite and I will cherish them forever. I got amazing pictures, not just iPhone pictures of me with my fur besties. What's even better? My husband took them.

Okay, so not everyone has a farm full of fur babies and a husband who is a professional photographer. So what is a person to do!? Hire MakRabbitt Photography of course! We will ensure that you get a great shot of you and your fuzzballs.

Over the years, we've captured many memorable photos of couples with their animals. We've seen dogs and horses at engagement sessions and we've seen dogs actually in the wedding ceremony. We've also done photo shoots of brides on their horses (like I did) after their wedding. You could call this a "trash the dress session" because the dress does become a little, um...horsey. I would like to see a cat somehow incorporated into an engagement/wedding photo shoot. Can somebody please work on this for me? See below for some of our many photos of couples with their fur babies. Enjoy!

Engagement Session Fur Baby Love

untitled shoot-1164



Jade & Brandon-8644



Casey_Sean-5689Allyson & Keith-1788

Wedding Day Fur Baby Love



Sarah & Robert-2534

Rosanna & Russell-1821

Rosanna & Russell-1822

Melissa & Eric-6442

Liz & Shawn-0747

Liz & Shawn-9615

Nicole & Grant-4345



Post-Wedding Fur Baby Love




So, is it worth it? Is it worth it to take the time out of your busy day to grab your fur baby to get (or at least TRY to get) a professional photograph with you and your fur bestie? Yes. Is it worth the effort? Yes. Is it worth the frustration? Absolutely. Is it worth the headache of working through the logistics of who's going to be the fur baby wrangler during your big day? Yes, yes and more yes. Do it! We will be there to work with you!

Also, I'm totally serious about the cat pic. I'm looking for the chance to do a professional photo shoot with a cat. Clothing for the cat is optional, but preferred. Think: top hats and canes and mustaches for kitty. Perfection. We will give a free canvas print (16x20) from this shoot to whoever is the first person to book a cat photo shoot with us. Email Makrabbitt@gmail.com to book a crazy cat session (or a serious session) with you and your fur babies!

Have a great day :)