Princess Sophia's Two Year Photo Shoot

Yesterday Tony and I had the pleasure of photographing one of the most beautiful babies on the planet- our baby. Our little princess turns 2 on June 28th. That day just so happens to be my birthday, too. How lucky is Tony? He'll be able to remember both of our birthdays forEVER! Remember my blog about photographing babies and how difficult, frustrating and rewarding it is? Let me tell you how our Sunday afternoon went:

It started off with Sophia being dressed in her cute little dress and coat. I like to refer to it as her "Jackie O" suit. She looked adorable, but would not smile. Perhaps it was too tight? Too stiff? Maybe she didn't like the color? Whatever it was, we tried adding a prop- a basket. This worked to keep her busy, but not for looking at daddy.

2 Years-9465-Edit

2 Years-9468 2 Years-9473

Then we took off her jacket and sat her on a chair. This worked for a minute, then she decided it was time to leave and go play. I had to entice her with Redi Whip to get her to stay in the basement. When the redi whip ran out, we had a problem (refer to the picture of her getting out of the chair in a princess rage). "You're telling me there's no more cream? Princess out."

2 Years-94932 Years-95022 Years-95042 Years-9498

After much bargaining, I asked Sophia to lay down and look at the bugs that were on the floor. Don't worry, we do not have an infestation in our basement. Sophia is obsessed with bugs, so I thought this would be a good idea. Again, good idea for keeping her in one spot, bad idea for looking at Daddy. Still, we caught some of my favorite photos.

2 Years-95192 Years-9525

When Sophia caught on that there were no bugs, I had to try something else. I asked her to put her hands on her face and look at Daddy. The second picture is hilarious. Nailed it.

2 Years-9524

2 Years-9527After that, we did an outfit change and put on some music. She started dancing and acting all cute. So, I guess when all else fails, put on "What does the fox say" and hope for the best. We knew the shoot was over when she stood still and put her two fingers in her mouth. Nap time.

2 Years-9532

2 Years-95412 Years-9537-EditWe cannot believe she's 2 already. Time really does go by fast! Hope you enjoy our pictures as much as we do.

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