A Fathers's Day Tribute: Fathers Walking Daughters Down the Aisle

As a tribute to Father's Day this weekend, I'll be blogging about special moments between brides and their fathers. I love capturing the moments before Dads give their daughters away. You never know what you'll see: hugs, kisses, last minute pep talks, laughs and tears. There's just something about a daughter and her father that makes my waterworks start going.

There's the anticipation of walking down the aisle:

untitled-3814Andrea_Curt-9247Carissa_Daniel-7482Deanna & Tad-5088


Last minute kisses:

Jennifer & Tyler-1756untitled-3918Brittany_Jon-3517

Kelsey & David-3292-2


Last minute pep talks:

Kelsey & David-3321-2Andrea_Curt-9253Lynn_Patrick-9745-2Krissy_Tom-6468


Rachel & Bobby-5685Waiting for the doors to open...

Megan_Lee-3081Lynn_Patrick-9739Deanna & Tad-5095Sara_John-7612

The doors open...


The walk begins...


Andrea & Charles-4544Amanda_Kyle-7058 Amanda_Kyle-8787 Andrea_Curt-7185Jade_Brandon-3407Kat_Rob-7731

These are some of the most treasured moments. One day, Tony will have this job for our daughter and I'm certain I'll be a blubbering mess. Let's here it for our Dads! Tomorrow I will be blogging about my favorite moment between a bride and her father- the father/daughter dance.

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