Father's Day: The Father-Daughter Dance

Yesterday I blogged about a beautiful moment between a father and a daughter during a wedding- when a father walks his daughter down the aisle to her awaiting husband. Today, I'm excited to blog about my absolute favorite moment in a wedding: the father-daughter dance. I always feel like a fool at weddings at this time because I'm almost always tearing up behind my camera. I just love this special moment between a daughter and her father. I remember being so nervous before me and Tony's wedding. I wasn't worried about getting married- I was worried about melting down during the father-daughter dance. I was certain I wasn't going to be able to make it through it. I expected to have my face buried in my dad's shoulder the whole time. I picked the song, "I loved her first" by Heartland and every time I heard it on the radio, I'd start to weep uncontrollably. I knew that if I saw my dad get teary that I would lose it. Thankfully, somehow we both held it together and it was a memory I'll have for the rest of my life.

Below is the best moment captured during me and my father's dance. The focus is on my mom looking at me and my dad dancing. How special is this? I cannot tell you how many times I've tried to recreate this photo in other people's weddings because I know this picture is one of my favorites. Here'a a public service announcement for all future brides and grooms out there: Mothers are usually running around trying to make everyone happy during the wedding and reception. Please tell your mother's to sit and relax! Especially during moments like this. In fact, tell EVERYONE to SD & SU (shit down and shut up) during these moments. Don't worry about feeling foolish or embarrassed either- take the time to truly treasure this moment.

IMG_2623Some brides pick fast-paced songs for their dance, others pick a slow song. Whatever the music, the moments captured can speak a thousand words, and sometimes, the moments captured will render you speechless. Enjoy some of the many moments Mak Rabbitt has captured. There are so many pictures I had to choose from. Every moment between a daughter and her father is priceless. Absolutely priceless.

Tanya_Josh-1214Tanya_Josh-1239Alison & Andy-7001 Britney&Matt-6948 Britney&Matt-1778Carissa_Daniel-3259 untitled-3907 Deanna & Tad-5155 Kelsey & David-3402 Krissy_Tom-0507 Rachel & Bobby-3738 Rachel & Bobby-3774 Rachel & Bobby-5748 Amanda_Kyle-7491 Andrea_Curt-7764 Andrea_Curt-9345 Andrea_Curt-9351 Brittany_Jon-0653 Elizabeth_Clint-0522 Elizabeth_Clint-2173 Elizabeth_Clint-2178 Iryna_Aleksey-6530 Iryna_Aleksey-6558 Jade_Brandon-0903 Jade_Brandon-3941 Jade_Brandon-3952 Kat_Rob-8275 Kat_Rob-9082 Kat_Rob-9099 Korie_Ryan-1628 Kristy_Brendan-9116 Kristy_Brendan-9133 Kristy_Brendan-9601 Leslie_Kevin-5116 Leslie_Kevin-5134 Mariah_Brian-7751 Megan_Lee-9589-2 Megan_Lee-9596-2 Megan_Lee-9601 Nikki_Gary-5555 Nikki_Gary-5564 07.28.12-987Nikki_Gary-5570

Syesha & Gerald-2776 Rosanna & Russell-4313

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