Father's Day: A Father's First Look at his Daughter as a Bride

For my last blog in tribute to Father's Day, I chose to showcase some "first look" photos between a bride and her father. Some brides choose to have a "first look" with their grooms, but some also want share this moment with their fathers. This is becoming a popular trend- and one that I enjoy photographing. If you're not familiar, a "first look" is when a bride and groom see each other before their ceremony. They get all dressed up and choose a location where the photographer will capture the first moment they see each other. If you're lucky, you will have booked Mak Rabbitt and you will have two photographers to capture the groom's expression and the bride's expression (you like that shameless plug? Boo-yah!)

Tony and I usually scope out the perfect spot for the "reveal" shot (if the bride doesn't already have one in mind). A staircase works very well for these shots because Tony can set up the groom (or Dad in these examples) facing with his back to the bride and then I can have the bride turned with her back facing her Dad. When Tony and I give each other the thumbs up, Tony sends down the groom/Dad and then we tell the bride to turn around to see him. These always, always, always make for beautiful shots. Brides- even if the thought of a first look with your groom isn't something you want, think about having this moment with your Dad. I really wish I would have done this for my wedding. If you think about it, you don't really get to spend that much time with your Dad on your wedding day. The girls are usually getting ready separate from the boys and your Dad only gets to see you when he's walking you down the aisle. Poor daddies. See below for a perfect example of a staircase first look. These photos are of Nikki and her Dad, Rick. I was at the bottom of the stairs with Nikki and Tony was upstairs with Rick.

Nikki_Gary-4836-2 Nikki_Gary-4801Nikki_Gary-4839-2Nikki_Gary-4805Nikki_Gary-4843-2

If you don't have a staircase handy, walking up to your Dad also works just fine. Here's an example of a first look with Leslie and her Dad at his house on the Lake. Tony and I were positioned in different spots to capture the looks on both of their faces.


If your Dad doesn't own a lake house and there's no staircases around, and you're pressed for time but still want to have a moment with your Dad, don't worry, your hotel room also works. An open door reveal also works, if you're already in the church and ready to go! Jade, Korie and Andrea all had beautiful moments with their dads- and it was just me in the room with them.

Jade_Brandon-0671Jade_Brandon-0668 Jade_Brandon-0670

Korie_Ryan-0155 Korie_Ryan-0156Andrea_Curt-9186Andrea_Curt-9187

Even if you're not planning a "first look," the moments captured when a dad sees his daughter for the first time in her wedding gown is priceless. Karla and her dad were caught being adorable by Tony. Karla even fixes up his boutonniere for him.

Karla & Doug-7766 Karla & Doug-7769 Karla & Doug-7770

I hope you enjoyed these Father's Day blogs. There's going to be some radio silence for the next couple of days as Mak Rabbitt gears up for another beautiful wedding this weekend in North East Ohio! Have a great weekend- and enjoy it with your dads!

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