Forged in Love! Married on the 4th of July....Horses, Fireworks, Happily Ever After!

Tomorrow the Mak Rabbitt duo has the pleasure of working with a truly special couple. Two individuals will be joined as one on the day our country celebrates it's independence. While that may sound ironic, Chris and Cole share a common love of one another and a certain four legged animal of the equine persuasion. While Chris spends most of her time saddled, Cole endures the rigorous profession of a farrier, therefore spending more of his time under these beasts.  Never the less, one thing's for certain their love for one another cannot be unbridled!

couple kiss on the trail Couple and Horse couple with horses engagement photo couple engagement with horses engagement ring, anvil engagement photo on farmMak Rabbitt Photography looks forward to creating some special images for them on their 4th of July wedding taking place at Brookside Farms!  Stay tuned for more from your Columbus and Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographers!