Sunrise Maternity Portrait Session.....Sleep is Optional.

I did not sleep a wink the night before I created these images for two reasons: one, I was still coming down from the high of shooting a wedding the night before, and two, I was so excited to shoot this maternity portrait for Casey and Sean. I could not wait to get in my car and drive to Canal Fulton!  This is the 4th session that Casey, Sean and I have had together, 5th if you include Casey's cousin Brittany's wedding, so they feel like family to me and I just love working with them. Casey & Sean Engagement on Harley Casey & Sean Wedding Photo! Casey & Sean Trash the Dress Session Casey  & Sean at Brittany's Wedding!We were so happy when we found out that Casey and Sean were expecting. We always love to hear when our couples grow their families and it is extra special when they allow us to be a part of it. Having just gone through the experience ourselves, we know what they are in for- all the fun, and not so fun, memorable and totally worth it times they have ahead of them.  On Sunday, Casey was at the same point in her pregnancy that Sara was with Sophia where she was just ready for the baby to arrive!  I am sure Sean is ready to meet his son as well and adjusting to daddy life!

We were so happy when Casey and Sean called us and asked us to capture this special time in their life for them. We were even more pleased when they agreed to get up at the crack of dawn to create these images with us.  In struggling to find find the perfect location for the maternity session, we went back to where we created magic twice before, the barn where Casey and Sean stable their horses in Canal Fulton, Ohio.  This is the same location Mak Rabbitt Photography created Casey & Sean's Engagement portraits as well as the Trash the Dress Session! 

I knew this location had a lot of potential, but I was not expecting these results!










Needless to say creating these images for me was well worth whatever sleep I may have lost the night before. Being a dad for 2 years now, I have had my share of sleepless nights and Casey and Sean have a few ahead of them, but they are all worth it in the end!  These are some of my favorite images and I hope Casey and Sean afford us the opportunity to capture some newborn photos once the little guy arrives!