Cheers! Drinking on your Wedding Day

It's been a busy summer at MakRabbitt Photography. What do I like to to when I'm not busy and have time to relax? Drink. There are few things that give me greater joy than drinking wine. I figured I'd tie in today's blog with my love for spirits and my love for other people's love of spirits! It's so much fun to arrive where the bride and her girls are getting ready and see an open bottle of wine, champagne or beer. I know Tony feels the same way about the groom and his men. What's funny is that when I was going through all of our photos, I found that it's mostly the GIRLS who are the ones drinking before the ceremony! "Girls just wanna wanna have fu-un!" Whether it's before, during or after the ceremony, booze is always the perfect companion.

Here are some photos of glorious alcohol (and their decorative vehicles):


Jade_Brandon-3094Jade_Brandon-0578Rachel & Bobby-5614



Here are some photos of celebrating prior to the wedding ceremony: Amanda_Kyle-8531 Amanda_Kyle-8593 Andrea_Curt-9138 Brittany_Jon-3466 Tanya_Josh-150Nikki_Gary-4738Iryna_Aleksey-7958


After the ceremony, it's best to cool off with some more alcohol at the nearest establishment before partying at the reception!           Kristy_Brendan-8831Sara_John-7645untitled-6785Nikki_Gary-5203Katy_Andy-2455

Okay...perhaps there may be a limit to how much alcohol should be consumed...nah. Boys are such lightweights.


Rachel & Bobby-3432

So let's keep celebrating weddings and any other event we see worthy with alcohol! Just remember- drink responsibly!

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