Behind the Scenes of the making of the 2015 MakRabbitt christmas card

I thought I'd share with you what happens backstage at the Mak Rabbitt house when we try to take photos of our daughter. Like every parent, we want nice photos of our child. Achieving that goal is harder than you'd think. You'll be able to see in the photos the difference a couple of hours makes when it comes to toddler attitudes and cooperation. You would think that, as a daughter of two photographers, Sophia would cooperate very nicely for us and do whatever we asked of her. Wrong. She has literally taken better school photos. Seriously. It's a damn shame. I hope you enjoy the bloopers of our 2015 Christmas shoot. 

I tried to have a session in the morning with Sophia and below are some highlights from that. My goal was to get some nice photos while Daddy was at work so he wouldn't have to deal with it later. This didn't happen.  In the photo below, you see Sophia not caring about the shoot, but rather trying to reach for my ornaments. I had to move all of our ornaments to the top 1/3 part of the tree. When they were all over the tree, Sophia liked to rip them off, break them, hide them, or both. Because of this, our tree is so sad looking. So, so sad. 


I had a nice chair set out for her to sit on, in front of the sad tree. When I finally got her to go by the chair, she wouldn't sit in it, she wanted to climb and stand on it.

"Later mom. I know you want me to do stuff, but I've got stuff to do."

I decided to get the dog involved to see if that would make a difference, but she just thought it was funny that he was wearing antlers and wanted to take them off to put them on her head. Here is a good picture of my sad tree.

After a couple of minutes, they both started to look a little tired and creepy. 

They were just...over it.

Then Dad came home. He was convinced he could get Sophia and the dog to sit and take a photo together. At first, it was a real struggle. I mean, look at that face. Also, the tights were no longer an option.

Finally, after much bribing, we got somewhere.

There we go! "Say 'cheese,' I mean, 'chocolate'!"

After all of that, my favorite image is one where she's not even looking at the camera. This picture has all of the feel of the joy and magic of Christmas. 

Mak Rabbitt Photography would like to wish all of our friends and family a wonderful holiday season. Whatever you celebrate over the next couple of days, we hope it's filled with family, friends and laughter. I must say, we've had a very good 2015. We got to see more of the Columbus area, spend time with our daughter and family and friends. We hope 2016 is even better!