What NOT to wear for your photo shoot

Mak Rabbitt Photography specializes in wedding photography, so most of our photo shoots are with brides and grooms to be. We get a lot of questions about what to wear, so I'm going to try to be as specific (and hopefully as helpful) as possible. As photographers, we want our couples to look their best and feel their best for their session. Below you'll find some tips about what to wear and what not to wear for your engagement shoot. I'll also include some tips about what to wear for other types of photo sessions, such as maternity and senior portraits.

It might be easier to start out with what NOT to wear and then elaborate on better options:

Do not wear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. This includes clothing that fits too tight or too loose. You don't want to be worrying about constantly sucking in your stomach or making sure your top doesn't bust open when you're supposed to be focusing on your fiance. Tight pants are not a good idea (for boys and girls) because depending on the shoot and location, some poses may require you to get on the ground or sit in different positions. This goes for shoes, too ladies! Many photo shoots are done on location, which means there could be a lot of walking around to different spots. You don't want to be limited in your photos because your feet are aching. 

Do not wear matching outfits.  Instead, try to wear complimentary colors. Remember the color wheel from Art class? Blues coordinate best with oranges, purples coordinate best with yellows, reds coordinate with greens. On the left is a great color wheel that illustrates what I'm talking about. I'm not talking about picking out a neon orange tee-shirt and blue pants. I'm talking about coordinating your long-sleeved navy blue dress with your fiance's brown sweater.  If you're looking to keep your engagement shoot classic and timeless, I recommend wearing blacks and creams. Gray is also a great color that matches everything. When in doubt, dress your man in gray and you wear pretty much whatever color you want.

Do not wear bold patterns or shirts with huge brand logos. You don't want to look at your canvas print 15 years from your engagement shoot and see that you were advertising for a clothing company. 

Miranda and Mitch



When you're thinking about what colors to wear, you must also think about where your photo shoot will take place.  If you're going to be shooting in an outdoor location, make sure your clothing is appropriate. If you're shooting in an urban location, fun colors work well. On the right is a great example of one of our couples coordinating green and red in an outdoor, winter engagement session. 

You also don't want to blend in with your backdrops, so check with your photographer about what options they have for backgrounds if you're doing an indoor studio shoot. 


Heather and Tyler

Some other things to consider for your engagement shoot:

- Any differences in height. If you're taller than your fiance, do not bring 4" heels! 

- We will be taking pictures of your hands. Ensure that your nails are clean and primped (Guys, this goes for you, too). Use this as an excuse to get that mani/pedi! 

- We will be taking pictures of your engagement ring- make sure it's nice and sparkling clean!

- Hair: do not get a hair cut right before your shoot; make sure it grows a little.. Also, keep your hair classic and try not to do any of the latest, craziest Pinterest hair trends. 

- Makeup: you're going to want it to be just slightly "over-done." Put a little more mascara and blush/bronzer on that your normally would. Only a LITTLE.  Fake eyelashes may be a little uncomfortable, but let me tell you, they are your best friend and look amazing in photos. Bring powder and lipstick/gloss for touch-ups.

- Tans: do not tan too much before your shoot because a dark tan can actually make you look larger. Also, avoid sun burns and tan lines or streaks from spray tans. We can fix most of this with editing, but it looks so much better when they are not there to begin with. 

Kacy and Chase



- Props. If you plan on bringing props, make sure they work with your location. You can bring special hand-made signs or cute little things to carry for your shoot. You can even bring your favorite chair or blanket to sit on. Bring anything that is special to you and your fiance. 

- Animals: If you'd like to bring your other best friend to your engagement session- do it! We will gladly include them in some photos. Feel free to dress them up, too. 




These same guidelines apply to other types of photo shoots, such as maternity, family and senior portraits. Do not wear anything that is uncomfortable, too bright, too matchy or too patterned. Below is an example of some beautiful ladies doing a "mommy and me" shoot with us. As you can see, the girls are both wearing pink, but they are not wearing the exact same dress and the pinks are different tones. The mother is wearing white, which makes a good contrast to the pinks her girls are wearing. What good-looking gals! 


Seniors portraits have some exceptions. Seniors should always take some classic photos with clothing articles that will be relevant years after their photo shoot; however, seniors can get away with also bringing some crazy styles of clothing to match their personalities. Seniors can also style their hair in a crazy/silly way and take photos with many props such as their cars, musical instruments or their pets! It's all about having fun on that day and remembering who you were in high school.

I really hope this has helped. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment on this blog or contact us via email at info@makrabbitt.com.