Cake Topper Ideas

We mentioned a while back how the details our clients put into each and every wedding are what makes them so unique. Some clients go all out, while others just go with the basics. 

Sara is the detail specialist of the Mak Rabbitt team and makes sure she captures every detail that our clients put into their special day.  

One of those details is the cake topper. This is such a fun way clients can define themselves as a couple with a unique topper for their wedding cake. Now again there is no need to go all crazy here but there are some very unique cake topper ideas out there.  

Enjoy these gems the Mak Rabbitt team has collected over the years. 

Slapping butt cake topper: 




Custom Made Cake Topper

Here is a handy one the groom made out of wood for their cake!


Cowboy inspired wedding Cake Topper

Here is a cake topper for the western crowd!


Simple flower / feather wedding cake topper

Here is a very simple yet elegant idea to top off any cake. You can use coordinating flowers for the the wedding party or match the decor of the venue.


Here is a link to some other unique ideas to top off your wedding cake to make your special day even more unique!

Whatever you choose to top off your wedding cake, have fun with it! You can go classic, monogram letter, flowers, or one of the more exotic we shared with you today.  Just make sure your photographer gets plenty of photos of it because I am not quite sure where the wedding cake topper from our wedding disappeared to!


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