The Pint House | Columbus, Ohio | Engagement Photos

Tony and I first met Meghan and Tyler this past December when they came to our studio for a consultation. I remember our meeting being very fun and casual and laughing...a lot of laughing. Megan and Tyler are an extremely fun couple and their energy seemed to match well with Tony and I. We were so happy that Meghan and Tyler chose us to photograph their wedding in September of this year. 

Tony got the chance to work with Megan and Tyler during their Engagement session in the Arena District in Columbus. Megan and Tyler had their first date at location, more specifically, at the Pint House. Megan said, "Our first date was Friday, July 26th, 2013. We went to The Pint House for dinner and drinks and then went to a Martini party after. The night ended with our first kiss! :)" 

Tyler proposed to Meghan on May 31, 2016. Here is Tyler's story on how and where the engagement happened:

Meghan's annual family vacation down in Outer Banks, NC (Hatteras).  Planned to propose down there, and fortunately there were no concrete plans, because we were experiencing Hurricane Bonnie that came back to life (Zombie Bonnie).  We were both working remotely, and the weather appeared to be breaking, so I took the opportunity to suggest a couple drinks after we shut down the computers.  The plan was to "casually" stop by a pier nearby and enjoy a little sunshine after 3 days of rain. Her sister was posted up with a camera and drew a big "X" in the sand underneath the pier where I was to position ourselves for the question (there was also a go-pro focused on this spot).  The "X" was about 5'x5', and I was a little worried that it was too obvious.  I was also supposed to get her to face the setting sun to make sure her reaction could be caught on camera.  After getting to the beach, we did a little walking back and forth, and then Meghan walked the complete opposite direction from where I needed her to be - so I walked the other direction in hopes that she would come back my direction (I later found out she was a little irritated by the fact that I didn't accompany her).  She eventually came back my direction, and I got her positioned where we needed to be.  We were standing right on the massive "X", and I don't know how she didn't see it.  She also has a little thing about penguins, and I had been carrying a little pebble around in my pocket for about 2 days.  I started talking about how it would be cool if there were penguins in the Outer Banks.  I then asked her "If we were penguins, and I presented this pebble to you, would you accept it?".  I believe her response was something very close to "Awhhh... of course... but I'd really like a different rock (wink wink)".  That was my cue to pull the ring out of my pocket and drop to a knee.  I don't even remember exactly what I said.  She dropped to her knees about 1 second after me and just had her hands over her face.  Dropped her sunglasses on the ground, dropped her phone on the ground... and then eventually managed to get out a "yes". Meanwhile her sister was sneaking up on us, taking photos of the moment.  Her dad was also there.  They each gave us a quick hug, handed us a cooler with a bottle of champagne, 2 glasses, and a blanket, and then peaced out so we could enjoy a few minutes alone on the beach (little did she know there were 20 people staging a party back at the "family compound").

When they aren't being incredibly romantic with each other, they love to snowboard. They also love to visit the Short North area whenever possible and try to experience new restaurants. Here are some of the awesome photos Tony took of Meghan and Tyler actually INSIDE of the Pint House and around the Short North area. They finished off the day by grabbing some shots with their dog- a beautiful Boston Terrior! 


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