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Sara and I take thousands of photos a week between weddings, engagements and chasing our 3 year old around.  Selecting our favorite photos is no small feat, yet we still find ourselves falling in love with certain ones- and for many different reasons. As wedding photographers, we are often emotionally attached to our clients and their love story, so we know more than the average person flipping through our blog. Since becoming a father, weddings have become more special for me. I nearly die every time I see a bride walk down the aisle with her father, I cry like a little bitch during every single father daughter dance as they mean so more to me now than they ever did. This is what I am now living for- the chance to have this opportunity with Sophia and to allow some team of photographers to cry at our moments and embrace our day the way Sara and I do.

Let's get to the photos....

In no particular order, here are 5 of our favorite photos from the 2016 season.  We literally could have selected 10,000 photos and written a library, but we will try to keep it succinct. 

This image of Tiffany and Mike from their engagement session is one of our favorites for several reasons. The number one reason is that it screams, "Columbus" and we LOVE Columbus! We also appreciate the closeness and love we feel from this photo. Stopping traffic on the path to capture this shot was totally worth it for this editorial style engagement image.



Steve and Andy have become two very special people to Sara and I. Getting to know them and their families has made our world a better place. This image of their first kiss from their wedding is one I will not soon forget.  My eyes were completely filled with tears while taking this shot and I am quite certain there was NOT a dry eye in the house. Knowing Steven and Andrew means getting to see what true love really is.

Shanna & Tony's wedding is completely unforgettable, since it's how we started the year! Their New Year's Eve Wedding at the Warner Theatre in Erie, PA was simply one for the record books. This shot from their first dance as husband and wife always takes me back to their awesome celebration.


Maria and Grant's cake smash is EPIC! This is such a super fun image,and if you know these two, it's a tad out of character for them which makes it that much more fun. These shots are never easy to get since this is usually when the DJ's announce everyone gather round the cake and take a photo...DJ's please stop doing that!


If this image does not make you smile, go see a doctor! If you know Billy & Tony you know fun! These guys infused so much fun into their wedding that it took weeks for my smile to relax.  We were in love with this confetti idea and how fun and full of love this image is!


This is such a small sample of all the awesome photos we had the honor to capture during 2016.  We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such amazing couples and share with them in their memories and help them preserve these moments forever.  The best part of our job does not end after the wedding is over but the relationships we establish for a lifetime with some of the most genuine people this world has to offer.

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