Tips for Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day | Mak Rabbitt Photography

In photographing weddings together for nearly 10 years together, Tony and I have pretty much seen it all. We've put together some tips for getting ready on your wedding day. I know, you have SO much to worry about already that you can't even add one more thing to your list; however, if you've hired a professional photographer like Mak Rabbitt, then you'll want to read these tips.

One of the biggest mistakes when planning a wedding is not taking the time to consider what photographs you'd like to have BEFORE the ceremony. These photos are considered the "getting ready photos" or "pre-ceremony shots." If you've sent your photographer a list of details that you'd like to have photographed, then please, allow your photographer the time to appropriately capture these shots. 

1.) Timelines are important, but you don't necessarily need to hire a wedding planner/coordinator to figure it out. Although a good planner/coordinator is priceless on your wedding day. If you hire Tony and I, then this comes with all of our packages. We will help you plan your entire day and allow time for the shots that you'd like and the shots that we'd like. There's nothing worse than only have 20 minutes to photograph the dress, shoes, jewelry AND you getting your makeup done! 

2.) Consider where you're going to get ready. The best room will be the biggest to accommodate you, all of your bridesmaids, your mom and the makeup and hair artists (if you've hired them). Pick a room that has natural lighting with nice windows. Natural light is the best for photographers AND makeup artists. 

3.) Less [clutter] is better. Along with point 2, the less people you have moving around in your getting ready room, the better. This also applies to items laying around the room. There's only so much we can do to eliminate background clutter in your photos, so please have someone in charge of picking up random bras, underwear and wine glasses!

4.) Hang your dress somewhere it can breathe and be photographed. Preferably in a nice, big space so it stays unwrinkled and out of the way of people moving around it.

5.) Have all of the details you'd like to have photographed in one spot. If you'd like the rings photographed, then be sure to let your photographer know who has them. Have your shoes, jewelry, headpieces, garters and rings in one area so we can get right down to it.

6.) If you'd like shots of you and your bridesmaids together before you all get dressed, then consider wearing something special. Here's a great article from The Knot on this.  

7.) Don't worry about the guys- we've got it all covered. Tony will go to the guys and I will go with the girls to get the pre-ceremony shots. If there's time crunch, then Tony and I can both come to photograph the bride and then photograph the groom. Two people can cover more area than one. The guys will not take nearly as much time as the girls to get ready. So while you're bustling around to find the tweezers, the guys are probably still in their street clothes. It literally takes them 5 minutes to put on a tux.

8.) Make sure someone has an emergency bag packed with literally everything. Scissors, a sewing kit, safety pins, double-sided tape, mints, nail files and band aids seem to be the most sought after items before a wedding. For more ideas, read another great article from The Knot. 


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