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Number 1 Tip to make your wedding day Special!


Everyone wants their wedding day to be special and we think no matter what every wedding IS special.  Our clients spend months to years planning and preparing for their special day.  Adding personal touches down to the finest detail.  Sara and I spend a great deal of time capturing these fine details for our clients to help them remember all the effort they put into their special day.  Whether it is the colors that they chose, the engraving in their rings, those special favors they made, the centerpieces, or the wedding gown you saved up for, we make sure to preserve them forever.

I want my MTV!

As photographers one of the trends we noticed and LOVE is the "Unplugged Wedding" What is an unplugged wedding? Remember MTV many years ago did this and it was all the rage? I believe Jethro Tull was the first band to perform on MTV Unplugged, but distinctly remember Alice In Chains doing this and how AWESOME it was. It was different and no rock or alternative bands were playing acoustic instruments at the time and it caught on like wildfire.

Anyone NOT own a Camera Phone?

Enter modern times where every single person in the free world owns a cell phone or a tablet (SMH!) with a camera. When someone is invited to a wedding or special event with their new handheld device, they simply cannot wait to test out that new camera and #Hashtag the hell out of those photos! While this is awesome for certain parts of the wedding, it is rather troublesome during key moments such as - the walk down the aisle, first kiss, cake cutting, first dances, during family photos....just to name a few. We can't tell you how many times we have been cut off by guests during aisle shots or someone jumps in front of us during the cake cutting.

How NOT to do IT!

Now for some reason we have been rather fortunate here at Mak Rabbitt Photography and I rarely have people get in my way when shooting. Not sure why this is, but it could be because I am a large man with Marine Corps tattoos that may intimidate a guest to jump in front of me.  A colleague of mine, Corey has many examples of how guests can ruin the shot on a blog she wrote. Check it out HERE!

Leave it to the Professionals....

While technology is great and those cellphones take some amazing photos, I can guarantee that you will not capture what a professional photographer will capture on their camera using creative lighting and quality equipment. Clients spend thousands of dollars on a good photographer and they surely do not want photos with their guests mobile devices in every photo.

That is why they hired a professional photographer, if you are a guest at a wedding be a GUEST! We have it covered, trust us! I absolutely HATE seeing parents or grandparents with their cellphones in the air during the ceremony!! That is your little girl up there or your little boy, these are moments you don't want to miss, yet there you are stuck behind a cell phone. For every person I see at a wedding trying to take photos, it makes me want to show up at their office on Monday morning and step in front of them and do their job for FREE. This is like entering the kitchen at your favorite restaurant and flipping the steak for the chef, would you do that? Be a guest, enjoy the day with the couple, dance, eat, drink and be merry! Ask the professional photographer to take your photo. If they are cool like us, they may even send you an instant copy....YES we can do this on our Professional Cameras with built in WiFi!!


Unplug those weddings!! Let the professionals do their work, this saves time and ensures you get the killer shots you paid money for. There are also many photographers like us that even reward their clients for unplugged weddings.  This is just an added incentive for helping make our jobs just a little easier and making sure the first photos you see from your wedding are the best!

One of our recent clients was awesome enough to post this sign at the entrance to their wedding.  This totally allowed Sara and I to do our thing uninterrupted without crowd competition. The results....better more timely images.  The link below offers some super cool suggestions for how to inform and educate your guests about your unplugged wedding.  Post one of these and your photographer will surely show you some LOVE!

Links to ideas for Unplugged Signs

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