Sara and I have been around the industry for a combined 30 years! For Many of you this is likely your first rodeo. With hundreds of weddings worth of experience, allow us to assist you as much as possible in your planning and preparation for your big day. We will update this section often so check back or simply contact us with your specific question(s). We would love to help you out!

Begin with the end in mind!

What is your wedding story going to be like? What will you wear? Where will you walk down the aisle? Where will you celebrate and where will you honeymoon? Check out this nifty set of tips on the button to help get your creative juices flowing and start you along the path of telling your wedding love story.

What is your wedding Style?

Here is a unique photo quiz (hey we are photographers...we like photos) to help you select your wedding style. Click the Button to begin.

6 Tips for Planning your wedding Photos!

Follow these tips for helping you plan your wedding photography like a pro! Many of these techniques will work with other vendors as well, so this is son good advice to take along with you to other meetings. Click on the button to get the goods!

Questions to ask your photographer.

Here are some must ask questions for your photographer, while there may be others you have, theses are a MUST to ask your photographer! Click the button to see the list of questions.